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Bread maker and crock potIn winter my slow cooker has a partner. They are always out together. They go together like bread and butter and by saying that it’s almost correct because it is my BREAD MAKER. They are both such time savers and really if I didn’t have the bread maker then I wouldn’t try and make it myself. You can make bread in the slow cooker too but as I have the bread maker I can do the whole meal at once.

I love to make soups in winter and fresh hot bread is just the ultimate accompaniment. I can set and forget both of them, but I must admit the bread doesn’t take as long to cook unless I set the Programmable Crock Pot for the time the bread will be ready. I then have both cooked at the same time and ready to serve. The smells coming out of that kitchen are just hard to explain, especially when its a week day and I return home to a house smelling like heaven.

It takes me back to the days when I was young and I would walk in the front door from school to a warm house and the comforting aromas of home cooking. I have to thank my mother for that as she was always a good cook. She cooked for 8 people for many years so home cooking was the most economical way to go, and there was not much take away at that time either. I think I have just admitted I’m old here though….oops.

The bread machine and the crock pot/slow cooker are two great appliances I wouldn’t be without especially in winter so, if you have that bread maker stored away, get it out or if you don’t have one you can buy one at Amazon at a reasonable price right now.

Why you should use a Slow Cooker Crock Pot Carry Bag

Do you take your slow cooker or crock pot to a party, a pot-luck, family gathering or carry it to a friend’s house for luncheons?

If you are you having problems with carrying it because every time you do, something “not so good” happens to your food, your clothes or your car. Now you don’t need to worry about spilling food anymore, one of the crock pot accessories available in the market is the slow cooker crock pot carry bag.

This is my favorite from Amazon:

Black Crock-Pot Travel Bag

If you like to travel with your slow cooker, the slow cooker crock pot carry bag is an easy, affordable solution for you. It come in different sizes, shapes and colors. To give you more idea or view on how functional and wonderful this crock pot carry bag is, take a look of the following advantages of using this travel bag.


  • A Crock Pot Carry Bag has a zipper to securely closes the bag, helping to keep in the heat.
  • It is made of durable nylon for long-lasting performance.
  • It has adjustable and durable carrying strap to hold the crock pot in place.
  • It has also an inside strap that cleverly slips through not only the side handles of the crock pot but also through the lid handle, and snug’s up with fabric hook-and-loop fasteners to minimize sloshing food on the inside of the travel bag.
  • It keeps your food nice and warm or cold for long hours.
  • It can also e used for a round or oval slow cooker.
  • It is a great place to store your slow cooker.
  • It keeps your food free from dust.

For me the most important advantage of a crock pot carry bag is that it protects my slow cooker/crock pot from damage.

Below is another one, a zebra look that I also like.

For the cost, it was a great buy! Everybody who owns crock pot slow cookers should be using one. They are happy as it helps them when they want to carry their slow cooker outside their home. I must say, this crock pot accessory is your best companion for taking your slow cooker or crock pot anywhere securely, so you must have one.  Get one now!

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Where can I buy a good slow cooker cookbook?

Are you looking for the best slow cooker cookbooks online? There are several online stores where you can buy the right one for you.

My Slow Cooker Soups

My Best Selling Slow Cooker Cookbook on Kindle

A slow cooker cookbook may have many things included other then recipes that will help you with cooking and other matters that have to do with preparing and storing your slow cooked meals.

Amazon Books have a variety of slow cooker recipe books ranging from just a few dollars.   I have published a few books also on Kindle that you can download to your computer, Kindle, iPad, iPhone or other Android devices.  You can see my books on my author page Pauline Harding Amazon Author Page and you can also click on the image at right to look at my most popular Soups Recipe book.

E-bay also has a range of cookbooks for your slow cooker that are both new and used. They are a big more expensive than buying a digital book though so here is also my link to my Slow Cooker Accessories page where you can find many to compare.

Looking around, I found that the price of the cookbooks on Amazon are reasonable with most being between $10-20 for regular books and 99c to $3.99 for digital books. It all depends on how big it is, how it is presented such as hard cover or digital version, where you go to buy it and the quality of the contents.

There are also sites where you can create, publish and sell your own slow cooker cookbook like Lulu.com so that’s another good place to investigate if you like writing.

There really should not be a reason for not finding great cookbooks online to make your life easier, to give you variety in your cooking and to create great meals for your family.

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