I love to go to Pot Luck Parties and family gatherings where I take along a dish to share and I love this idea to make a contribution to the meal. The slow cookers that have a lock down lid and handles make it easy to move the meal to your destination. Slow Cooker Liners are good too as you can tie the contents up and then replace the lid so you wont spill any of the contents.Slow cooker with lid and handles

You can also buy a Slow Cooker Crock Pot Travel Bag and this helps with transporting the hot crock pot as well. There are two sizes so check that your crock pot will fit before buying. Have you ever dropped a dish while trying to carry it? I did, and it was one of my favorites that couldn’t be replaced so don’t let his happen to you.

I love being with family and friends and the crock pot or slow cooker is a great boon for when I am asked to ‘take a plate’. No fuss cooking, a great slow cooked meal and no fuss carrying as well. Making and taking your meal also helps the hostess/host with one less dish to heat in the oven. I know my oven would not take more than 4 casserole size dishes.

Slow cooked meals make good choices for pot luck parties or whenever you need to supply a meal so take your crock pot slow cooker with you and keep it safe and heated in a handy travel bag.

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