Welcome to The Slow Cooking Pot

I love slow cooking and this blog “The Slow Cooking Pot will be about the best ways to slow cook whether you use an electric slow cooker, a clay pot, Tagine or even if you are using a conventional oven.  My main focus will be on slow cookers but I will also include all slow cooking techniques, ideas and the pots to cook them in.

Electric slow cookers are great for busy people.  Ive had a slow cooking pot since the 70s and I use it a lot even now.  It was put away and got moved around the kitchen cupboards for many years but my lime slow cooker has made a revival for the following reasons:

  • Slow cooking is simple, healthy and a time saver.
  • Slow cookers are great for busy families and especially for new mothers,  just add all the ingredients in the morning, turn it on, and leave the cooking to happen while you get on with your day.
  • There are many easy recipes for slow cookers including soups, stews and desserts.
  • Slow cookers use a small amount of electricity so its a money saver too.
  • They come in several sizes from small pots that cook enough food for one or two people to medium sized pots are often best for families of four or five, and the largest pots can serve ten people or more.
  • Very little clean up required. Now that’s a bonus.

A slow cooker usually consists of a removable porcelain bowl which sits inside an outer container that has electric heating elements and some control buttons and switches.  My vintage one has only two settings, low and high, but the more modern have digital programming and automatic settings. Mine is round but they also come in oval which is good for cooking whole meats like chicken.  I also have a smaller modern round one which I use for dips and desserts especially.

I also have two clay pots and a Tagine and I love those also so I will be including how to use them and some recipes as well to make some great meals.  Slow Cooking pots are great and very inexpensive as well.  I also love to cook great roasts very slowly in the oven and we will be discussing the advantages of cooking this way.

Slow cooking brings out the taste of the food, preserves the goodness and its easy as well.  Please follow me and get out those slow cooking pots and lets cook.

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