Slow cooker mealsSlow cooking meals in winter is easy with an electric slow cooker.  You can prepare cheap easy meals from your slow cooker including soups, stews, desserts and cakes.  Fill the slow cooker pot, turn it on, walk away and come back to delicious slow cooker meals.  I cook a lot of soups in winter and all of them are prepared in the slow cooker.  You will be able to make cheap and easy meals with little preparation.  Soups are great to freeze for later as well, so if you are cooking on a budget soups are great value.

When most people think of slow cooking they think of stews only, and they do cook well with this method, but in winter I also cook most of my puddings, cakes and other desserts in the slow cooker crock pot.  Last winter I also started cooking breakfasts the night before.  If you are a busy person, then why not get out that slow cooker pot this winter and if you haven’t already got one you can buy one at a great price on eBay or Amazon.  Check out the eBay auction on this site for current listings.

We are all cooking on a budget these days and the slow cooker helps you save money as you can use less expensive cuts of meat, use less electricity, cook in bulk and have more home made meals instead of dining out. Cooking in winter is always more pleasant than the hot steamy days of summer so this winter why not try some nutritious and easy slow cooker meals.  Cooking on a budget has never been easier.

Slow Cooking meals in a conventional oven

My favorite though of all slow cooked meals is a slow roasted leg of lamb.  Takes me back to my childhood and Sunday lunches after tennis practice.  The smell of that lamb cooking was so welcoming as I walked through the door.  It was cooked in a conventional oven but slowly so it was so the meat was very tender.  At Christmas we did a lot of slow cooking in the oven from roasts like ham and port to cooking the Christmas cake and pudding.  We loved our traditional Christmas.

Winter is definitely the best time to enjoy slow cooker meals and if you cook in your conventional oven it will warm you kitchen as well.

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