I wanted a place I could list my books that I have self published on Kindle so here it is.  These are not only my slow cooker recipes but other recipe books I have written and published as well.  I am currently finishing off two more books, another one on slow cooking and the other is on quick recipes.  I will list them below when published so watch this space…… (due Christmas 2013).

I love cooking so I wanted to share the love around to others by publishing my books on the biggest bookstore on the Internet. This way more people will be able to access my books besides my blogger friends.

I have listed my cooking recipe books and their link on Amazon Kindle below.


My Slow Cooker SoupsMy Slow Cooker Soups: Quality Great Tasting Soup Recipes

ASIN: B0054G71O8
Average Review: (8 reviews)

Cost:  $2.99

Slow Cooker Soups are some of the easiest recipes to make for your family. They will supply nutritious but tasty meals as well as being very economical on your weekly budget. You will never need another slow cooker soup recipe book once you have tried these recipes.

Most recipes will serve 4 so if you have a big family you can normally just double the recipe except maybe for spices and herbs which you can judge by taste.

I have tried to make them as easy to make as possible so even the beginner cook will have no problem with them. I have made all the soups and loved every one.


 15 Vegetarian Slow Cooker Recipes: Easy Vegetarian Slow Cooker Meals

15 Vegetarian Slow Cooker RecipesASIN: B006S1BYUA
Average Review: (2 reviews)

Cost:  $0.99

The combination of vegetarian meals and slow cooking is a winner! You will find recipes for breakfast, lunch and dinner and include soups, a side dish and a dessert to make.

There are only 15 recipes but I am sure you are going to love them even if you aren’t a vegetarian (like myself).

Note: These are not vegan but best described as non meat recipes.



10 Mexican Style Slow Cooker Recipes

Mexican Style Slow Cooker 250x367ASIN: B004T3SOO8
Average Review: (4 reviews)

Cost:  $0.99

Mexican food is so tasty and a lot of the recipes especially those with beef and beans are best cooked slowly so the crock pot is the perfect solution. I have used the easy way and not always the authentic way for these recipes.

Adding variety to your slow cooker meals is so easy with these recipes which include dips, main meals like chili and soup as well as a cake to make for dessert.




30 Easy Dip Recipes: Sweet and Savory Dips for every Occasion

30 Easy Dip RecipesASIN: B0058NXHOU
Average Review: (3 reviews)

Cost:  $1.55

Dips are so easy to make for parties or family occasions and everyone loves them. Easy preparation is the key to all of these recipes in the book. Savory and sweet dips are featured but the majority are savory ones to compliment serving with party beverages.



Chilled out Fruit Smoothie Recipes

Chilled Out Fruit Smoothies: Easy Smoothies for One or Two Servings

Average Review:  New book (None as yet)

Cost:  $2.99

In this smoothie book you will get 30 great fruit smoothie recipes that have been taste tested in a home kitchen.  Most have pictures to give you inspiration and are easy and quick to make.





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