This is a roast chicken recipe with a twist because it is cooked in a terracotta pot.  I have three terracotta or clay pots, one is a smaller Romertopf, one is a larger Crofton terracotta pot and the third being an unglazed potato pot.  The Crofton and the unglazed pots are new but the Romertopf is one I have had for many many years.  I used to cook a whole chicken in this pot a lot but over the years I had pushed it back into the cupboard.  I found it again and started using it and love it all over again.  Here is the recipe for my version and note I use a small chicken that will serve 3 as this is the right amount for this pot.  Don’t be tempted to overload your clay pot beyond three quarters full.

Roast Chicken in a terracotta potRoast Chicken and Vegetables

1 small whole raw chicken
1 tsp olive oil (optional)
Seasoned salt (optional)
3 carrots cut into thick pieces lengthways
4 small red potatoes, cut in half
1 parsnip cut the same as the carrots
1 onion cut into quarters
Clove of garlic (whole)
1 tsp french mustard
2 sprigs lemon thyme and parsley
1 small whole onion

Soak the clay pot in water for 20 -30 minutes and drain.  Add the cut vegetables and the garlic, except for the potatoes, to the bottom of the pot then rub the salt and the oil into the chicken and push the whole onion, the mustard, thyme and parsley into the chicken cavity and tie with string or secure with poultry skewers.

Add the potatoes around the chicken so they stay out of the juices.  I face the cut side towards to sides of the clay pot so they brown well. Put the lid on the terracotta pot and place into a cold oven.  Heat the oven to 400F (200C) and cook for 1.5 hours.  If you find the chicken not browned enough then you can take off the lid and cook another 10 minutes more.

I like to use the juices to make a gravy to serve with the roast chicken.  You will love the vegetables cooked this way as they have so much flavor from the chicken juices.  You will love this roast chicken cooked in a terracotta pot as it cooks itself really, no turning the potatoes over or basting the chicken, its just so easy.

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