cooking for kidsI remember my mother teaching me to cook and the happy times I spent in the kitchen with her. Easy cooking for kids doesn’t have to be something you are going to spend all day on as kids get bored rather quickly anyway. Using your slow cooker will mean they can get their cooking started and then watch it as it cooks.

Follow these 4 tips and your experience and theirs will be memorable:

  1. Use simple recipes and the kind of food they like to eat.
  2. Use easy to read step by step instructions. Easy cooking for kids depends on this for success.
  3. Try and keep the number of steps to a minimum with five being the most. If the recipe is too complicated they will get bored and you will have to finish it all off. Crock pot cooking is good in this respect as you often can get three step recipes or less.
  4. Select the ingredients and have them all together measure out ready to go. For example have chicken pieces already cut to the size you need for the recipe. This is especially important if the children are young so you can avoid them using knives.

Cooking in your slow cooker provides easy cooking for kids as it is relatively safe compared to the oven or stove top cooking methods. Also these recipes are fairly foolproof in the crock pot so they will have some good experiences cooking with you.

The good news too is that when you cook in your crock pot or slow cooker you won’t end up with lots of washing up to do and this is good news for you and the kids. If you are busy you can get older children to cook simple recipes in the slow cooker all by themselves and that can be a great help to you as well.

You can see that using the slow cookers can provide a way for easy cooking for kids. Pick easy step recipes and they will be rewarded with a great experience lovely crock pot meals. Don’t forget you can also cook cakes and desserts in the crock pot and kids love these too.

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